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9:00 9:30 Kogunemine, hommikukohv ja expo
9:30 10:00 Keynote 1 – Trendid Eesti IT turul. Ülevaade ATEA Eesti ja ATEA grupi tegevusest globaalses võtmes. Tutvustatakse ATEA teenusepõhist lähenemist ning räägitakse koostööpartneritest.
Esinejad: Ruslan Štšerbjuk, Bruno Jänes ja Vahur Parve AteastEsitluse PDF
10:00 10:10 Kohvipaus 
    Tartu Tornimäe Ballisaal
10:10 10:55 Our Vision for Future-Ready IT. New Power Edge Servers and Dell Storage SC4020 introduction.
Esineja: Tomasz Wieczorek, CEE Enterprise Product Manager, Dell
SimpliVity Omnicube -Hyper Simple, Hyper Scalable, Hyperconverged.
Come and see how we clone, move and backup 460GB Virtual Machines between datacenters in less than a minute.
Esineja: Kristian Salo, Solution Architect, SimpliVity.
VMware – The Power of Brave New IT
That’s the power of , a simple strategy about bridging these two worlds, but it also means letting go of things from the past. That hardware-defined data center is comfortable but expensive, slow, brittle, manual. We have to leave that behind. The future is about brave new IT, and three core characteristics of this environment—fluid, instant, and choice. Esineja: Michael Monberg, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware
10:55 11:05 Kohvipaus 
11:05 11:50 EMC – Next Generation Backup for Virtualized Environments. EMC redefines storage data services into storage agnostic software features. Extend traditional data protection with zero or near-zero RPO data protection and recovery at VM-level granularity with easy to use service catalog.
Esineja Madis Pärn, EMC
Atea teenused: töökindlalt ja efektiivselt toimiv IT – Teie ärilise edukuse võti.
Räägime erinevatest hoolduslahendustest, ATEA majutuskeskkonnast, uuendusprojektide elluviimisest ja finantseerimisvõimalustest.
Esineja: Vahur Parve, Atea
Sophos UTM – network and endpoint security in a new dimension
IT security products have become as complex as the networks that are supposed to protect them. In this live demo we will show you how Sophos makes complex IT solutions usable and easy for IT admins and end users. You will experience our UTM solution protecting everywhere from the network to the endpoint.
Esineja: Per Söderqvist, Sales Engineer, Sophos
11:50 12:00 Kohvipaus 
12:00 12:45 Big Data the HP way:
HAVEn is a platform comprised of software, services, and hardware that analyzes 100% of the data relevant to your organization. Learn how Big Data of any type—structured and unstructured—can lead to powerful strategic insights. When you have 100% of your data informing every decision, anything else is just an educated guess. Esineja: Amir Altamimi, IM Channel Manager Nordics
HP Autonomy,Hewlett-Packard
Getac – Improve Your Operational Efficiency By Choosing The Right Rugged Solutions
More and more CIOs are prioritizing mobile technology as a way to deliver excellent customer service and operational efficiency. With so many devices on the market it can be challenging to find the right solutions for each part of your workforce. Getac have introduced incredible innovation into the industry, delivering the best total cost of ownership and helping our customers and users to effectively improve their operational efficiency for the past 25 years. Join this rugged industry pioneer presentation to learn more about how we can help our users to achieve more.
Esineja: Maggie Chang, Getac, Project Manager
Veeam – Availability for the Modern Data Center
Learn how you can manage your virtual environments in a more efficient manner with the upcoming Veeam Backup & Replication v8.
Veeam Backup & Replication v8 is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution specifically built for virtual environments to provide fast backup and recovery of virtual machines, both on VMware or Hyper-V platforms. With a single license from a single console, you can protect your entire virtual infrastructure with industry leading features physical backup tools simply can’t match. Thanks to virtualization-oriented approach the  you are able to ensure the recoverability of all your backups as well as restore your infrastructure in just a matter of minutes.
Esineja: Tomasz Turek, Presales Engineer, Veeam
12:45 13:30 Lõuna, expo
13:30 14:15 Keynote 2 -Nutikaitse 2017.
Sertifitseerimiskeskuse juht Kalev Pihl tutvustab Nutikaitse 2017 projekti. Nutikaitse projekt aitab tõsta inimeste teadlikkust nutiseadme ja selle kaudu kasutatavate e-teenuste ning rakenduste turvalisest kasutamisest. Samaaegselt aitab projekt ellu viia riigi IT- arengukava, tõstes nii e-teenuste kui mobiilsete rakenduste loojate teadlikkust turvalise arendustöö osas. Nutikaitse 2017 koostööleppe algatajad ja allkirjastajad on Sertifitseerimiskeskus, Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, Swedbank Eesti, SEB Pank, Elion Ettevõtted, EMT, Elisa Eesti ja Tele2 Eesti.
14:15 14:25 Kohvipaus 
    Tartu Tornimäe Ballisaal
14:25 15:10 EMC – Applied Practices in Converged Infrastructure.
Is there “one” right way to do Converged Infrastructure? We will review market trends, converged and software-defined hyper-converged deployment models including latest news from VMWorld announcements.
Esineja: Madis Pärn, EMC
Mobile reality in enterprises: Samsung LIVING Business Index
You will learn the key findings from Samsung LIVING Business research in the Baltics – comparison of mobile device usage patterns in the organizations, the employee needs and concerns. The index includes data on mobility in different countries (Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia), different organizations by size and industry. Do you know how Samsung solutions can help address mobility challenges?
Esineja: Michailas Traubas, B2B Technical Presales Manager, Samsung Electronics Baltics
Staying Secure In The Age of Cyber-Surveillance
Everything you ever wanted to know about cyber-espionage

Is malware only created by cyber-criminals? Is every infection financially motivated? Not anymore! Nowadays, governments around the world are also using trojans, viruses and worms – to spy on each other’s citizens.
The global cyber-arms race is responsible for creating some of the most sophisticated threats the Internet has ever seen. Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame or Red October are just a few names of cyber-espionage or cyber-sabotage tools that have been discovered in recent years.
Find out the capabilities of malware used in cyber-surveillance campaigns, why the innovations from cyber-weapons are so dangerous and who are the collateral victims of this war. Most importantly, how hard it is to defend yourself against cyber-surveillance?
Esineja: Stefan Tanase, Senior Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab
15:10 15:20 Kohvipaus 
15:20 16:05 Cisco Unified Computing Innovations – Powering Applications at Every Scale  Cisco disrupted the x86 computing in 2009 by bringing its UCS platform into market – providing simplicity, manageability and integration never seen before. Now in 2014 Cisco has done it again by expanding the UCS portfolio to smaller customers/ branch offices (UCS Mini) and to cloud scale computing (UCS M-series) – still providing the same easy of use, automation and integration to overlay datacenter systems. And even more, Cisco nowadays provides workload mobility between private, provider and public clouds thru its Intercloud Secure Fabric offering.
Esineja: Tommi Keskitalo, Business Development Manager, Cisco
Notebook vs. Tablet in rugged world
Main technology.
Usage requirements.
Critical parameters.
Dedicated devices for several sectors.
Case studies.
Esineja: Jacek Wielgus, Panasonic
Kasutajakeskne IT
Seadmete paljusus on tänane paratamatus, millega IT peab tahes tahtmata rohkem tegelema. Kasutajad saavad (tahavad) olla produktiivseimad neile meelepäraseid seadmeid kasutades. Kontrolli loovutamises IT-lt kasutajale peitub konflikt, mida on võimalik ületada tehnoloogiliste vahenditega. Rasmus räägib, mis on täna kasutajakeskne IT kogemus ning milliste tehnoloogiate läbi on võimalik seda saavutada, säilitades vajaliku kontrolli seadmete üle ning tagades andmete kaitse.
Esineja: Rasmus Reimo, Microsoft Eesti, tehnoloogia strateegia konsultant
16:05 16:15 Kohvipaus 
16:15 17:00 Keynote 3 – SWARM LEADERSHIP AND BITCOIN
New leadership methods provide the same output at one percent the cost. Rick Falkvinge presents the principles of swarm leadership, of building a community of volunteers that take part in your company’s goal and provide feet on the ground because they share in your vision. Falkvinge provides tangible examples of companies who are using these management methods, which can be found in the entrepreneurial sphere around the bitcoin currency, and looks at how they are succeeding and with what.
Esineja: Rick Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party, and a political evangelist
17:00 17:15 Konverentsi lõpetamine ja kingituste loosimine

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