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9:30 10:25 Keynote 1 – Atea Eesti juhatuse liige Jaan Feldmann räägib 2014. aasta IT taristu trendidest ning uutest oskustest, mida IT personalilt oodatakse. Juttu tuleb ka virtualiseerimisest ja IT taristu automatiseerimisest, mis seavad uued nõuded nii pilvetehnoloogiale kui mobiilsusele. Kuna IDC andmetel on võrreldes 2013. aastaga  ühendatud taristu lahendused (Converged Infrastructure) kasvanud 68%, vaatame lähemalt, milline tähendus on sel IT juhtide ja ettevõtete jaoks.
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10:35 11:20 Citrix XenDesktop 7 & XenMobile – Your complete Mobility solution
Come and hear what tools Citrix offers to you in the areas of Desktop & Application Virtualization, Mobility, Data Mobility and Networking with XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile and NetScaler and how they all fit together in your infrastructure.
Esineja: Kim Masalin, Senior Channel Development Manager, Citrix Systems Finland
Kasutuspõhine IT, minuti või megabaidi täpsusega
IT teenuse eest tasumine kasutatava minuti täpsusega – kui server ei tööta, siis selle eest maksma ei pea.
Kettapind mille eest maksad kasutuses oleva mahu eest, “igaks juhuks” olev varu on tasuta.
Serveri litsentsid, mille eest maksad ainult serveri töötamise ajal.
Neist ja mitmetest muudest võimalustest IT eelarve kontrolli all hoidmiseks ja samas võimaldades paindlikkust, mida “majasisese” IT-ga ei saavuta, räägime MS Windows Azure avaliku pilveteenuse baasil.
Esineja: Tarmo Tikerpäe, Microsoft Eesti, Microsofti andmekeskuste lahenduste müügispetsialist
Getac Global Rugged Mobile Solutions
Getac is a pioneer and leading innovator for the rugged mobile computing solutions since 1989. Getac offers extensive solutions including fully and semi rugged Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Handhelds and Smartphone to different vertical markets including: automotive, public safety, utilities, telecommunication, manufacturing, field service and mobile workforce industries. Every Getac computer is originated from the most stringent design and manufacturing processes, to ensure the best product performance in any harsh environment. Getac is a globally reliable and customer-oriented partner, bringing outstanding mobile solutions for any demanding environments.
Esineja: Ben Lee, Getac, Account Manager
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11:30 12:15 Samsung Solutions for Enterprise Mobility
We are going to present quick facts on the enterprise mobility – the market trends and challenges faced by those, using mobile devices for work. Samsung KNOX and KNOX EMM are the solutions for enterprises and agencies, that help enabling Enterprise mobility and that help to overcome the major challenges You might face. How best-of-breed security is combined with the best mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.
Enterprise Mobility is a fast growing trend in all the markets, representing major shift in working habits. How do you address the enterprise mobility challenges – mix of devices, multiple network access points, security and manageability issues?
Learn the latest trends from Enterprise Mobility market – and top challenges faced by companies using mobile devices. Samsung KNOX and KNOX EMM are the solutions for enterprises and agencies that enable Enterprise mobility and solve major security challenges Your company might face. Choose best-of-breed security combined with the best mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.
Samsung KNOX helps you to address security and data protection challenges, by keeping users privacy intact; and the newly introduced Samsung KNOX EMM solution will help to manage more devices and secure the information within the mobile device.
Esineja: Michailas Traubas, Samsung, B2B Solutions Pre-Sales
Miks on vaja andmesalvestit? EMC ScaleIO’ga ei olegi!
EMC ScaleIO on tarkvara, mis võimaldab ükskõik millisest serverite lokaalsest salvestusmeediast (HDD, SSD, PCIe) luua virtuaalse SAN-võrgu. Kasutades ära protsessorite ja võrgutehnoloogiate tormilist arengut, on ScaleIO unikaalne uue põlvkonna alternatiiv harjumuspärasele riistvarapõhisele andmesalvestile. ScaleIO on riistvarast sõltumatu ning lubab ehitada skaleeruvaid, elastseid ja suure jõudlusega lahendusi.
Esineja: Madis Pärn, EMC
Easy as 1-2-3. How to get started and keep going
The biggest obstacle for change is knowing how to get started. In this presentation you will learn how to build a roadmap for changing the way your organization works. The presentation will focus on practical ways of getting started and methods for making sure your organization is executing on your strategy.
Esineja: Rasmus Almqvist, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco
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13:15 14:00 Client Cloud Computing – to enable you grow and thrive in your business!
Evolve from a PC ecosystem to a cloud computing model that sets people free to work where they want, how they want. Whether you’re looking for improved security, enhanced service delivery, optimized BYOD environments, enhanced workforce productivity or an easier migration from Windows XP, count on the only provider of complete, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions.
Esineja: Pavel Bucek, Dell, Regional Sales Manager North Eastern Europe
Accelerating VDI success with Dell virtualized solutions
A VDI deployment can place high capacity and performance demands on the storage platform. For example, consolidating large amounts of inexpensive stand-alone desktop storage into a centralized infrastructure can create tremendous capacity demands on centrally managed shared storage used in VDI deployments. Performance demands are determined by the number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) generated by basic desktop client operations such as system boot, logon and logoff, and by desktop usage operations from different users. Storm events such as morning logons and afternoon logoffs by many users at approximately the same time can cause I/O spikes that place high performance demands on the storage infrastructure. There may also be situations like an unexpected power shutdown which requires booting of all the virtual desktops at the same time. This boot storm creates significantly higher IOPS on the underlying storage platform than the regular business hour usage.
Esineja: Vladimiras Silkovas, Dell Wyse, Solution Consultant Dell
Software Defined Storage Needs A Platform
Software defined storage is the abstraction of storage services from storage hardware. This term is more than just marketing hype, it’s the logical evolution of storage virtualization from simply being a storage aggregator to the end goal of storage as a service. To achieve this goal, software defined storage needs a platform from which to centralize. The evolution to software defined storage makes the solution even more interesting as it adds advanced data services that enable the easier integration of new storage technologies like flash arrays. Software defined storage allows for a more aggressive stance toward new technology adoption without disrupting existing workflows.
Esineja: Piotr Biskupski, Storage Solutions Technical Leader – IBM Flash Systems, IBM CEE.
Case study – 4 pilvelahendust
Neli praktilist Office365 juurutust, väikesest ettevõttest kuni suure asutuseni. Räägime mis oli kliendi vajadus, miks valisime Office365 pilveteenuse, mida klient võitis Office365 pilveteenuse kasutuselevõtuga.
Esinejad: Tõnis Tikerpäe ja Priit Timpson. Atea
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14:15 15:00 Lenovo – we make the tools, You make them DO
Lenovo ThinkPad innovations. Lenovo portfolio overview and why some models are more expensive. What services Lenovo can offer to make life easier.
Esineja: Audrius Klimaitis. Lenovo Baltic Distribution account manager
EMC XtremIO – uue põlvkonna All-Flash-Array.
Aeg-ajalt ilmub IT-vallas uusi tehnoloogiaid, mis muudavad radikaalselt kogu senist arusaamist ja viisi, kuidas asju tehakse. Üks selliseid on kahtlemata välkmälu (Flash), mis on jõuliselt trügimas harjumuspärase magnetmeedia asemele. Samas pole SSD lihtsalt kiirem HDD, vaid mitmetes aspektides väga erinev, mistõttu on välkmälutehnoloogiast täiel määral kasu saamiseks vaja ka teistsuguseid andmesalvesteid. EMC XtremIO ongi selline uue põlvkonna nn. All-Flash-Array (AFA), mis oma arhitektuuris lähtub välkmälu eripäradest ja pakub tänu sellele mitmeid unikaalseid võimalusi. Esineja: Madis Pärn, EMC
Kaspersky: Threat landscape. Everybody is under attack
Cybercriminals were the only ones, up until recently, who were creating
malware. They were, are and will be in the malware game just for the money.
But malware nowadays is not created just by cybercriminals. Nation states
around the world started using trojans, viruses and worms since as early as 5 years ago.
Stuxnet, Flame, Red October or latest Chinese APTs are just some of the
cyber espionage and cyber sabotage toolkits which were discovered. It is
just the tip of the iceberg, as with each discovery, security researchers
are amazed by how complex these tools are getting and to what lengths the attackers are willing to go to get the information that they want.
Find out why the innovations from cyber-weapons are so dangerous, who are the collateral victims of this war and most importantly how exactly is
cyber-war impacting the security of your organization.
Esineja: Sergey Novikov, Kaspersky Lab, Deputy Director, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT).
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15:15 16:00 Work Smarter and Be More Productive
The way businesses work is changing. To be successful you need to capture international growth opportunities. In the presentation you will learn what technical tools you need for working smarter and how to use these in a more intelligent way.
Esineja: Rasmus Almqvist, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco
VMware View Storage Design in 2014
One of the most complex parts of the virtual desktop infrastructure to design is storage; and with inadequate storage being one of the most common causes of failed VDI deployments, it is critical to get it right. Fortunately, new features introduced in View 5.x combined with recent advances in storage technology enable innovative new ways of designing storage solutions for VMware View.
Esineja: Darius Spaicys, VMware, Partner Business Manager
Zero compromise, Zero comparison- Getac F110&V110
Introducing V110 Rugged Convertible Tablet and F110 Rugged Tablet set new standards for rugged devices. The thin and light powerful devices are packed with state of the art technology that provides one of the best platforms for any mobility project. Getac, a leading manufacturer of rugged computing devices, is introducing the V110 slim-line Windows rugged convertible and the F110 slim-line, fully rugged Windows tablet to the market.
Esineja: Ben Lee, Getac, Account Manager
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16:15 16:45 Keynote 2 – Pilveteenused – nüansid ja tähelepanekud advokaadi pilgu läbi
Pilvetehnoloogia üks olulisemaid tehnoloogiaid, mis praegu IT-maastikku kujundab. Nagu iga tehnoloogilise sammuga on nii kahtlejaid kui ka agaraid eestkõnelejaid. Ettekandes puudutatakse jurisdiktsiooni küsimusi ja seejärel kaardistatakse peamised õiguslikud riskid, millele võiks teenuslepingu puhul tähelepanu pöörata. Lahendus ei ole kahtlemises, vaid õigetes küsimustes ja info jagamises.
Esineja: Silja Elunurm, Advokaadibüroo Indela & Elunurm, Vandeadvokaat
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